Song: Breathe

Sponsor the VIDEO FOR the breaking single
by the alternative duo ANIMA!

ANIMA! is the South African and Californian duo named after anima, the Latin word for the breath of life in each of us. Soon to release their debut album FLUX, they explain the message as the idea of; "the continuous tide of change." Leading with their breaking single Breathe, the act will follow their viral success in the US alternative scene.

As one of the first electronic duos to embrace light-triggering from conception, they play a self-invented instrument; globes of UV-light-triggers that simultaneously play sounds that back the vocalist live on-stage. Presenting an audio-visual sound world yet to be experienced on the alternative scene, ANIMA! push to "illuminate the experience of our music through other art-forms."

Preparing for their anticipated release, they are currently seeking support to make their first music video for Breathe, which will promote the release of FLUX. Working with creatives Jakob Cizic and Susannah Simms will lead the creative written by the group to be filmed from London. 

Partly funding the music video with the money saved from the first 6 months of Breathe's success, they are looking for further support or sponsorship to secure the filming location, production crew and shoot an exceptional quality video  their music deserves.


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If you would like to join in support, please contact:
Alliz Nicholas (mgmt) / Songololo Music 


"Our self-produced album allowed us to be the exotic sounds, African harmonies, and colorful textures that paint the imagery for our philosophical reflections on the self. This album is a deeply personal journey for us. It was created to remind us that no matter how much we get caught up in the bubbles of distraction, we can breathe in the air and should make our almost impossible existence something valuable to ourselves and to the environment we are nurtured so generously by. Your self is a gift that we can spend our lifetime opening."