These are songs for anyone who makes something. 
They are songs that celebrate giving yourself to something that you love-music, art, agriculture, science, hula-hooping-whatever. 
They are songs for anyone who’s put in work to get better at something just because they enjoy doing it. 
These are songs for the people who try to turn their passions into a living. 
These are songs for the people who were told they can’t. 
These are songs for anybody that questions the idea of a “real job” 
These are songs for anybody that questions the idea of an “artist"

<3  ANIMA!


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ANIMA! are a alternative electronic duo formed of the best parts of Arielle Vakni and Vicente Espi who originate from California and South Africa. Their enchantingly iconic vocal and unique cerebral beat boutique has fast become a favorite alternative indie electronic alongside their inspirations like Sylvan Esso and Little Dragon who first inspired their formation.

Named after ‘anima’, meaning the breath of life in each of us, ANIMA!’s songs like ‘Moving Mountains’ and ‘Blood’ hold a uplifting universality with an unconventional twist. Their differences in background and musical upbringing craft an evocative colorful sound world that “you will have never heard before.” - Hilly Dilly.

Unexpected to them, their first release ‘Breathe’ was a viral hit and the start to millions of streams that they’ve received for their releases ANIMA! (2016), Be Here Now (2015) and Art:Work (2017). An entirely self-produced and self-released under their own imprint, ANIMA! feature on Spotify’s Global Viral 50, New Music Friday, Mint, New Indie Mix, Fresh Finds playlists, to Apple Best of Alternative, iTunes top 10 Alternative and tastemaker platforms Indie Shuffle and Red Bull.

Anticipating a new release and US tour including headlining at DoLab’s Lighting In A Bottle festival; ANIMA! are ones to watch.