These are songs for anyone who makes something. 
They are songs that celebrate giving yourself to something that you love-music, art, agriculture, science, hula-hooping-whatever. 
They are songs for anyone who’s put in work to get better at something just because they enjoy doing it. 
These are songs for the people who try to turn their passions into a living. 
These are songs for the people who were told they can’t. 
These are songs for anybody that questions the idea of a “real job” 
These are songs for anybody that questions the idea of an “artist"

<3  ANIMA!



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NIMA! are an alternative electronic duo from South Africa and California.

Art:Work by ANIMA! is an EP about the creativity process itself. Calling our inner-voices "to the light", they step out with their stunning vocal call, warm synth cerebral style and addictive lyric on BloodMoving Mountains and  The Seed.

Blood is a natural favorite, already hitting No. 1 on Hypem's popular chart, their EP is also featured in Spotify's New Indie Mix, Weekly Buzz, Indie Pop, Indie Electronic and tastemaker blogs Indie Shuffle, Konbini and Red Bull.

A sound both unexpected and beautiful, Arielle's  voice and Vicente's production is something you will have never heard before; "the more you listen to it, the more it grows on you and that's always an amazing thing" (Hilly Dilly). A consistent favorite to the alternative indie-pop scene since their 2016 album debut, the independent duo are celebrated alongside their own loves like Sylvan Esso; who first inspired their formation. 

Named after anima, meaning the breath of life in each of us, the duo have an uplifting universality. ANIMA! are good for the mind, soul, and dancefloor.

Art:Work is out now


The Album  
ANIMA! [2016]

A sound with a message “to live in the present”, ANIMA!'s first self-titled album fast became a top new alternative of 2016.  Songs Breathe, Silver Screen, Crave reveal Arielle's iconic vocal, shamanistic songwriting, paired with Vicente's exotic sound world, boutique synths, experimental production and cover art aesthetic by Dylan Vandenberg.

Their debut album featured on Apple Music - Best of The Week, Spotify's Viral Hits, Global Viral 50, USA Viral 50, Best of Indie Domino Records, The Sound of EDM, to the top #10 iTunes Alternative charts in the USA, France, Spain, Mexico and Sweden.  An independent act with millions of streams worldwide, ANIMA! are the "Electro Duo You Need Around This Summer" - Konbini.


ANIMA!  are the alternative electronic-pop duo; a collaboration between the young Californian folk singer-songwriter Arielle Vakni and South African alternative producer Vicente Espi.

“Vince and I really love a lot of different music. I mean, a lot. Vince was trained as a classical violinist, I have more of a background in folk/blues music and we both have a love for dance music of all kinds.” Formed in Boston and serendipitously finding that they lived on the same block, Vicente recalls his first encounter with Arielle, “when I heard her voice, I was hooked. I thought, this one has something to say. Arielle is unique, enchanting, and beautiful.”